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Flash Gear

Flash Gear

Your mission is to infiltrate an enemy base to find and destroy a weapon of unprecedented destruction! Flash Gear brings online players the beloved strategic, sneaking gameplay of the Metal Gear console series.Features:Sneak your way through a 14 room enemy baseFace off against a menacing boss in the final battleUse 3 different weapons, including bullets, lasers, and remote minesFind 3 special abilities that increase your foot speed, firing speed, and firepowerCollect 5 powerups, including ammo, mines, smoke bombs, health rations, and body armorCreate diversions to evade guards or conceal your movement using a smoke bombUse the map zoom feature to plan your sneaking strategyPractice your skills before your mission using the interactive training roomChoose from one of 4 difficulty levelsSet your own custom controls for the gameReceive a detailed 12 item statistical analysis of your successful missionSubmit your high score to be displayed on the "Top Snakes" leaderboard

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